Lineamps System Services

We provide a fully custom Line Ampacity System using leading technologies and software applications that meet our clients’ strategic and specific needs. We offer full service offerings in all areas of Line Ampacity Systems but distinguish ourselves by our technical systems solutions in these key areas:

System Integration

Software and Systems Integration (SI) complement, harmonize old and new systems, software, work together with subsystems to deliver overarching functionality to meet end-user needs. SI connects and adds value to existing system or capabilities by interactions with subsystems. We supply sustained solutions driven by in-depth mission and SI experience. We deliver dynamic solutions that meet our customer’s current and future needs as their objectives evolve with minimal low-risk strategies.

Software Development

Lineamps ensures efficient, quality delivery of our software systems by complementing or supplement your needs across the software lifecycle: design, testing, ongoing maintenance, enhancements, and more.


We strive on providing superior and customized training solutions. With many years of privileged experience in providing context-based Training, to build customized and highly effective solutions for your training requirements and create long-term value for your organization with a sustained return on your investment (ROI). We will enable your organization to extend itself into new strategic initiatives by first cementing your core training processes and allowing your personnel to acquire new skills and efficient business practices as necessary.

Consulting Services and Solutions

Our consulting approach builds on people, technology trends, and levers to compose the best and viable solution for client’s staffing needs. While taking into account new people trends, we provide personalized attention to detail in matching skills, expertise, behavior for personnel to succeed in their respective positions from Mangers to help desk support. Our approach builds on current people trends and levers to compose the best possible staffing solutions to each company’s key issues.

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