Lineamps Software


LINEAMPS is a complete dynamic line rating system including overhead lines, underground cables, and substation equipment. It is easy to use and is suitable for all geographic regions, operating conditions, and for all transmission and distribution line voltages. Program has steady, dynamic, transient ampacity, and weather forecast models that provides power line ampacity from millisecond to seven days in advance. Weather data may be input in a number of ways – by user input, in real time from a weather service, or from the Internet. LINEAMPS runs in Windows and is easily operated from a control panel comprising a menu system and icons.

LINEAMPS is an integrated line ampacity system comprising user configurable transmission line network database with interface to Google map. It includes, overhead conductors, underground cables, substations, and weather station databases. LINEAMPS intuitively designed graphical user interface provides easy access to the data stored in industry standard databases such as Microsoft ACCESS and Oracle.

Transmission Line Terrain and Weather

Reliable estimates of power line ampacity are only possible when meteorological conditions and terrain are considered at different sites along the transmission line route. For this reason, LINEAMPS uses several virtual weather sites situated along the transmission line route to calculate line ampacity accurately.

Economical Line Ampacity System

LINEAMPS system is realized economically because it does not require real time meteorological data, conductor temperature measurements, conductor sag, conductor tension or any other real time data from external devices or systems on a continuous basis. Because line ampacity is calculated from weather data available from several weather stations of the region a dynamic line rating system is easily implemented for an entire transmission network comprising hundreds and thousands of transmission lines and substations.

Once setup, LINEAMPS functions autonomously in the on-line mode without requiring any human intervention. In the absence of real-time meteorological data, program generates its own weather data by using key weather information from general purpose weather forecast data input by the user. It is an economical line ampacity system that runs in a standard PC in the Windows environment

EMS Connection

LINEAMPS has the ability to receive actual line current, voltage, and contingency plans automatically from power company Energy Management System (EMS) for the real-time calculation of conductor temperature, and allowable ampacity. Additionally, LINEAMPS output may be used by load-flow programs, generation system optimization programs, and other programs that are used by the power company for conducting day to day least cost power supply operations.

Key Benefits

• Steady, dynamic and short-circuit ratings.
• Considers transmission line terrain and weather.
• Forecast hourly values of line ampacity up to seven days in advance.
• Generates synthetic weather data by real-time modeling.
• User configurable database of transmission lines, conductors, underground cables, substations, and weather stations.
• Input real time meteorological data automatically from the web.
• Input real time conductor temperature, line current and voltage from EMS, SCADA & PMU.
• View transmission network and weather stations in Google map including line ampacity and temperatures of network elements.

Off-Line Mode

LINEAMPS provides an off-line mode of operation wherein steady, dynamic, and short-circuit rating calculations are each performed in separate LINEAMPS windows for off-line analysis. Line ampacity and temperature calculations in the steady state, dynamic state, and transient conditions may be performed of all current carrying elements including overhead conductors, underground cables, and substation equipment. Line elements may be selected from the database and weather conditions input automatically from the web.

On-Line Mode

LINEAMPS provides an on-line mode of operation for real-time calculations of line ampacity and temperature of network elements. There is a window for displaying automatically calculated line ampacity being updated continuously. Real-time steady state ampacity, short-term dynamic line ratings for emergency conditions, and long-term emergency ratings are displayed in this window. Location of critical sites and line elements that are limiting line ampacity are also displayed in this window.

Real-time transmission line current, conductor temperature, time for reaching maximum temperature, and contingency based ratings are displayed in another window in the on-line mode of operation.