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The Line Ampacity System was developed by Dr. Anjan Deb in 1994. The Lineamps systems is a PC/Windows-based, power-line ampacity, expert system program for the estimation of line ampacity during steady state, dynamic state and transient conditions. It was developed by the application of artificial intelligence using object-oriented knowledge base design of the power line environment. The expert system provides hourly values of line ampacity up to seven days in advance and is used for the operation, planning, and design of transmission and distribution lines at all voltages. The program is an economical line ampacity system that does not require the installation of additional transmission line hardware, conductor temperature sensors, meteorological sensors or telecommunication system, and is easily implemented in all geographic regions.

Anjan K. Deb obtained his Ph.D. from Columbia Pacific University, California in 1999 for his work on Transmission Line Ampacity Systems. He is a registered professional electrical engineer in the State of California, USA and Principal ELECTROTECH Enterprises- a transmission line software and consulting company since 1990. He has twenty years of experience in high voltage power transmission, substation automation and electric power system. He has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from MACT India, and the equivalence of masters degree in electrotechnique from Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Paris, France. He has previously worked at Electricité de France, Paris, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Francisco, California,USA, EMC and Central Power Research Institute, India. He has authored more than fifteen technical papers on transmission line ampacity,adaptive forecasting and energy management. He is inventor of LINEAMPS™, holds a US Patent, and author of text book, Powerline Ampacity System: Theory, Modeling and Applications (CRC Press 2000 ).